Web Design - Nonprofit Organization

Emphasis was placed on presenting information clearly and professionally, ensuring that people found services that would benefit themselves or their loved ones.

Web Design - The Landing Page.

This page features two galleries for internal marketing. One to focus on events, publications, and highlighting services. The other is used to making announcements, share news features, or promote feedback surveys.

Content Management:

Larger organizations often struggle with maintaining up-to-date content throughout all of their pages. This website was built with ease of maintenance in mind, with Joomla CMS and a manager specifically for organizing their contacts. The majority of their pages have specific contact information at the bottom, which without proper planning can create a maintenance nightmare. Each of their contacts are organized separately in their content-editor so they can easily search for, remove, add, and edit their contacts. This ensures that every page has the most up to date contact information possible, so the people they are servicing never struggle to speak to the person they need.